Audio Buddha

This week’s Twisted Groove show consists of an interview with and the music of Audio Buddha (Steve Brisk). An interesting blend of eastern sounds and electronica. In the second half of the show I mix the Buddha Machine with Richie Hawtin’s record DE9/Closer To The Edit/Parts and throw in some Muslimgauze and Shankar for a more traditional ending to the evening. I have also edited out the Buddha Machine mix as a separate file for you download/listening pleasures.

( download mp3 )

Threshold – Audio Buddha / Alchemystical
Into – Audio Buddha / Demo
Deep Drum Spaceship – Audio Buddha / Demo
Scirocco – Audio Buddha / 2009 Club Mix
DNA In Bloom – Audio Buddha / Demo
Alpha Centauri – Audio Buddha / 2009 Club Mix
Mother Goddess – Audio Buddha / Alchemystical
Birth of Dance – Audio Buddha / Alchemystical



Buddha Machine

( download mp3 )
Spinifex mixing the Buddha Machine and Richie Hawtin DE9 Edits Parts

Rezin Of Joy – Muslimgauze / Mazar-I-Sharif
Tuareg – Muslimgauze / Vote Hezbollah

Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi (excerpt) – L Shankar / Soul Searcher




Buddha Machine Edit

( download mp3 )