Discus Music

Tonight’s Twisted Groove we feature Martin Archer’s record label Discus Music from Sheffield England. This innovative and well-regarded music label has been in the forefront of varying leftfield rock to jazz and songform, which also features many musicians fondly regarded by fans of the Canterbury scene. Give a listen to this uniquely beautiful show.




Keith Tippett : The Monk Watches The Egle, Part 4 : The Monk Watches The Eagle

Archer/Keefe/Pyne : Song For Bobby Naughton : Hi Res Heart

Victoria Bourne & Walt Shaw : Tension Zeitgeist : Songs For A Cloud Chamber


Das Rad : Alysum : Qul Na Qar EP

Pat Thomas/The Local : Composition 23b : The Locals Play The Music Of Anthony Braxton

Tony Oxley : Comination : February Papers

Dirar Kalash : A Rift In Time (Short Excerpt) : Of Quietude


Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere : Zyxomma : Theta Five

Treppenwitz : Watching The Arc Of Bats : Sister In Kith

Craig Green : Love Notes In Binary Code : Love Notes In Binary Code


Herve Perez feat. Alexandru Hegyesi : Garden Of Secrets Garden Of Secrets

Martin Pyne : Ikiryo : Spirt Of Absent Dancers

Bo Meson & Martin Archer : Coda : Babel

Victoria Bourne & Walt Shaw : Suspended By Strings : Song From A Cloud Chamber


This past week’s Twisted Groove is an Enoesque show. I define that as music created by Brian Eno, Music produced by Brian Eno or music that would be in the record collection of a Enophile.

Hour 1


Brian Eno : Fractal Zoom (Small Country) : Fractal Zoom EP

Roxy Music : Beauty Queen : For Your Pleasure

Laurie Anderson : Rhumba Club : The Nonesuch Collection (Uncut 2004-03)

David Byrne : Big Business : The Catherine Wheel

Phil Manzanera : Green Spikey Cactus : 6:00pm

Brian Eno : The Great Pretender : Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

David Bowie : Art Decade / Weeping Wall : Low

John Cale / Brian Eno : Spinning Away : Wrong Way Up

Daniel Lanois : Ice : Arcadie

Peter Gabriel : Only Us : Us

Harold Budd : The White Arecades [Edit] : Budd Box


Hour 2


Brian Eno : Windows 95 Startup Sound Remixed : Windows 95 Startup Remixed

Eno/Byrne : Mea Culpa : My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

Devo : Gut Feeling : Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

Adrian Belew : Of Bow and Drum : Live Overseas

King Crimson : Industry : Absent Lovers Live in Montreal 1984

Mark Isham : Spanish Key [edit] : Miles Remembered The Silent Way Project

Brian Eno : Just Another Day : Another Day on Earth

Kate Bush : Hello Earth : Hounds of Love

Talking Heads : The Overload : Remain In Light

John Hassell / Brian Eno : Griot (Over Contagious) Magic : Fourth World Music Vol I: Possible Music

Fripp Eno : Meissa [Edit] : The Equatorial Stars

Contemporary Minimalist Avant Garde Music For 2020

This past week’s Twisted Groove was prompted by the out of balance, exhausting vibe connected with the chaotic mental climate. The music choices I play tonight seem to instill a calming of the mind in some sort of weird way.

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Philip Glass : The Photographer Act II : The Photographer
John Adams : Common Tones In Simple Time [edit] : The Chairman Dances

Steve Reich : Four Organs : Four Organs (1970)
Morton Subotnick : The Wild Bull [edit] : The Wild Bull

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John Cage : Three Dances For Two Pianos : WNYC Radio Broadcast 1945
Philip Glass and Dan Deacon : Alight Spiral Snip [edit] : Glass Rework_
Steve Reich and Four Tet : Drumming : Reich Remixed

Stomu Yamashta : Red Buddha [excerpt] : Red Buddha
Philip Glass and Cornelius – Opening From Fireworks Remix / Glass Reworks_
Philip Glass and Johann Johannsson : Protest Remix : Glass Rework_
Philip Glass and Tyondai Braxton : Rubic Remix : Glass Rework_


Minimalism Avant Garde Part 1

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Fast – Steve Reich / New York Counterpoint
Slow – Steve Reich / New York Counterpoint
Fast – Steve Reich / New York Counterpoint
A Rainbow In Curved Air – Terry Riely / A Rainbow In Curved Air

Bird Of Paradice – Terry Riley / Bird Of Paradise
Pulses – Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians
Section I – Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians
Section II – Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians
Section IIIA – Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians
Section IIIB Edit – Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians

Minimalism Avant Garde Part 2

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Fais Voile Vers le Soleil Edit – Karlheinz Stockhausen / Aus den sieben Tagen
#2 Movement Edit – Glenn Branca / Symphony No. 1 Tonal Plexus
A Eg Ad, Halda Afram? Edit – The Hafler Trio / A Eg Ad, Halda Afram?

Sixfive – Andrew Duke / More Destructive Than Organized
Spirt They’ve Vanished – Animal Collective / Spirt They’ve Gone, Spirt They’ve Vanished
Diamorphoses – Iannis Xenakis / Electronic Music

The Wild Bull Part II Edit – Morton Subotnick / The Wild Bull