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The Cowboy Mike Show Pt 1

My old friend Cowboy Mike wanted to do a radio show with me. Since he and I have talked music for more than 17 years I thought I could do nothing but accommodate what ever ideas he had going for a show. Well Mike is from the era of great Psychedelic, County Rock and Rock music so that is the music he decided to play this eve. I helped with a few selections but most of the music is all Mike’s doing. We put in a few modern tracks to keep current and to bring the show full circle. Enjoy…

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Mr Soul – Buffalo Springfield / Again
Must Be High – Wilco / AM
Dylan’s Hard Rain – Ryan Bigham / Roadhouse Sun
Ties That Bind – Bruce Springsteen / The River
Reputation – The Byrds / There Is A Season Box Set
Trucking Man – Moby Grape / Vintage-The Best Of
Gone Dead Train – Crazy Horse / Crazy Horse
Don’t Scare Easy – Mudcrutch / Mudcrutch
Honeywell – C Gibbs / Parade Of Small Horses

Sixteen Down – Jayhawks / Sound Of Lies
She – Gram Parsons / The Complete Reprise Sesions
Tomorrow – Poco / Pickin’ Up The Pieces
That’s The Game – Tim O’Reagon / Tim O’Reagon
Peacan Pie – Golden Smog / Down By The Old Mainstream
Here Tonight – Gene Clark / Roadmaster
Travelin’ Light – Peter Case / The Man With the Blue Post-Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar

The Cowboy Mike Show Pt 2


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Down To The Wire – Buffalo Springfield / Box Set
The Dayly Planet – Love / Forever Changes
Opus 40 – Mercury Rev / Deserters Songs
Running Dry – Neil Young / Everybody Know This Is Knowwhere
Hide It So Deep – Manassas (Stephen Stills) / Manassas
Another Town – Steve Earle / Transendental Blues
Looper – Moby Grape / Vintage
I Got You (At The End Of The Century) – Wilco / Being There
Suken Waltz – Calexico / Feast Of Wine

The Castle – Love / Da Capo
Life’s Greatest Tool – Gene Clark / No Other
I Know My Rider – The Byrds / We Have Ignition
Until You Came Along – Golden Smog / Weird Tales
Street Walker – Delta Spirit / Ode To Sunshine
H.C.E. – Damnwells / Damnwells EP

Happy Ending – Chuck Phrophet / Soup And Water

Redcell II Part 1

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Xiu Xiu – Mousey Toy by Larsen
Ready Record Intro
These New Puritans – Attack Music
Free The Robots – Wandering Gypsy
Growing – Massive Dropout
Balkan Beat Box – Look Them Act
Anna Oxygen – Fake Pajamas
Guido Moebius – Being Nice
Coco Rosie – Fairy Paradise

Little Marcy – I Love Little Pussy
No Bra – Munchausen
Kap Bambino – Red Sign
Skinny Puppy – Hardset Head
Transvolta – Disco Computer
Yeasayer – The Children
James Pants – The Eyes of the Lord

Redcell II Part 2

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Katerine – Borderline
Gorillaz w/Lou Reed – Some Kind of Nature
Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
LCD Soundsystem – One Touch
Patrick D. Martin – I Like “lectric Motors
Soldout – Mysteries
Current 93 – Invocation of Almost

¾HadBeenEliminated – Loop Recorder in the Patient With Heart Disease
Robert Curgenven – Acciaccatura Amplificata
Actress – I Can’t Forgive You
6’39” über Halberstadt – Gerald Fiebig

Alex Chilton Part One

Alex Chilton died Wednesday March 17, 2010. I was saddened to hear the news.

Alex seemed very content with where he stood in music history. While he was a great song writer who never made it BIG, his influence is vastly significant in today’s music. Anyone who is in the know about modern music knows Alex is an icon.

I feel so strongly about the power of Alex’s music that I felt compelled to honor him with an entire broadcast featuring his work.

Listen to this two hour tribute and you’ll understand why Alex will sorely be missed. Thank you friend.

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The Letter – Box Tops / Super Hits
The Ballad of El Grodo – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Thirteen – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
I’m In Love With A Girl – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Motel Blues – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Feel – Big Star / #1 Record
O My Soul – Big Star / Radio City
Don’t Lie To Me – Big Star / #1 Record
Life Is White – Big Star / Radio City

O’ Dana – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Thank You Friends – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Femme Fatale – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Stroke It Noel – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
You Can’t Have Me – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Nightmare – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Till The End Of The Day – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Kangaroo – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers

Alex Chilton Part Two

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Sugar Sugar/I Got The Feelin’ – Alex Chilton / 1970
Like Flies On Sherbet – Alex Chilton / Like Flies On Sherbet
No Sex – Alex Chilton / No Sex EP
Downtown – Alex Chilton / Step Right Up T. Waits
I Wanna Pick You Up – Alex Chilton / Caroline Now! Brian Wilson
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine – Alex Chilton / Lost Decade
Don’t Stop – Alex Chilton / A Man Called Destruction

What’s Your Sign Girl? – Alex Chilton / A Man Called Destruction
Guantanamerika – Alex Chilton / Top 30
Let Me Get Close To You – Alex Chilton / High Priest
Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo – Alex Chilton / Feudalist Tarts
Give Me Another Chance – Alex Chilton / #1 Record

Freedom – Chilton, Vega & Vaughn / Cubist Blues
Candyman – Chilton, Vega & Vaughn / Cubist Blues

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