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Goodbye Gumbo March 10, 2024

Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra Turns 50

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I will honor the 50th anniversary of the ground breaking Tangerine Dream record Phaedra (February 20, 1974). This is a seminal album of electronic music that essentially launched the whole sequencer rhythm school of electronics music as we know it. I will play the whole Phaedra album and more…


Tangerine Dream : Phaedra : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream Mysterious Semblance at the Stand of Nightmares : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream : Sequent C’ : Phaedra


Tangerine Dream : Movements of A Visionary : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream : Ricochet Part Two : Ricochet


Edgar Froese : Upland : Aqua

Klaus Schulze : Floating : Moondawn


Cluster : Plas : Cluster II

Neu! : Negativland : Neu! (1972)

Tangerine Dream : Birth of Liquid Plejades : Ziet

Damo Suzuki Memoriam

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I will celebrate the life and spirit of Damo Suzuki who passed away February 9th 2024. Damo was the singer and a driving force on some of the quintessential Can albums like Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days. I will play tracks from Can and artist he performed with like Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Dunkelziffer, Cul De Sac, Spiritual Enhancement Center, Can, Can and more Can.


Can : Bel Air : Future Days

Dunkelziffer with Damo Suzuki : Network>Trailer II : III


Can : Halleluhwah : Tago Mago

Cul De Sac : Berlin 4 : Abhayamudra


Can : Pinch : Ega Bamyasi

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Damo Suzuki : Please Heat This Eventually Part I, II, III : Please Heat This Eventually EP

Damo Suzuki & Spirtczualic Enhancement Center : Arkaoda


Can : Paperhouse : Radio Waves

Can : Geheim (Half Past One) : The PeelSessions

Can : Future Days : Future Days

Can : Oh Yeah : Tago Mago

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