Spiritualized +

Tonight’s Twisted Groove we celebrate Spiritualized playing Santa Fe tomorrow night. I will play tracks by Sonic Boom, The Verve, Spectrum, Sunray, Galaxie 500, The Body, Spiritualized and more…



Spiritualized : Always Together With You : Everything Was Beautiful

Sunray : Ocean : Tomorrow

Galaxie 500 : Ceremony : On Fire

Sunray : I Wish You Were Mine : Tomorrow


Spiritualized : Feel So Sad (Rhapsodies) : The Complete Works Vol. One

Sonic Boom  : If I Should Die : Spectrum

The Body : Can Carry No Weight (Remixed by Peter Rehberg) : Remixed


Spiritualized : Sail On Through : And Nothing Hurts

Mercury Rev : Moth Light : The Light In You

Stereolab : Chemical Chords : Chemical Chords

Spectrum : The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?) : Forever Alien

The Verve : Virtual World : A Storm In Heaven


Spirtualized : Why Don’t You Smile Now? : The Complete Works Vol. One

Sonic Boom : I Feel A Change Coming On : All Things Being Equal

Spiritualized : Shine A Light : Later Guided Melodies

Experimental Audio Research : Beyond The Pale : Beyond The Pale

Gary Lucas and Captain Beefheart

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I celebrate the music of Gary Lucas and Captain Beefheart. I will feature the soon to be released Gary Lucas compilation Essential Gary Lucas released on Knitting Factory Records. I will also play a load of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.




Gary Lucas & Jeff Buckley : Grace demo : The Essential Gary Lucas

Fonó Budai Zenehaz : Two Roads : Pearly Clouds

Gary Lucas with Alan Vega : Life Kills : The Essential

Gary Lucas : Don’t Take My Boop-oop-doop-away : Music For Max Fleischer Cartoons

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters : One Man’s Meat feat. David Johansen : Coming Clean

Nona Hendryx & Gary Lucas : Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles : The World Of Captain Beefheart

Captain Beefheart : Best Batch Yet : Doc At The Radar Station


Gary Lucas feat Feifei Yang : All Along The Watchtower : The Essential

Gary Lucas : Let’s Go Swimming : Bad Boys Of The Arctic

Gary Lucas : Poison Tree : Gods and Monsters

Gary Lucas : Music For The Golem : Skeleton At The Feast

Captain Beefheart : Ice Cream For Crow : Ice Cream For Crow

Captain Beefheart : Electricity : Safe As Milk

Captain Beefheart : Flavor Bud Living extended : Doc At The Radar Station


Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters : Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro : The Ordeal Of Civility

Gary Lucas : Will ‘O The Wisp : The Essential

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters : Coming Clean : Coming Clean

Gary Lucas feat Haydee and Suylen Milanes : Out From Under : The Essential

Gary Lucas : The Wall : The Edge Of Heaven

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters: Evangeline : Coming Clean

Gary Lucas : King Strong : Gods and Monsters


Captain Beefheart : My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains : Clear Spot

Captain Beefheart : Moonlight In Vermont : Trout Mask Replica

Captain Beefheart : Dirty Blue Gene : Doc At The Radar Station

Captain Beefheart : Abba Zaba : Safe As Milk

Captain Beefheart : Lick My Decals Off, Baby : Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Captain Beefheart : Alice In Blunderland The Spotlight Kid

Captain Beefheart : Woe-is-uh-Me-Bop : Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Captain Beefheart : Old Fart At Play : Grow Fins/Rarities 1965-1982

Rock Indie Part 1

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Walking Papers – Booker T. Jones (with Yim Yames) / The Road From Memphis
Fourth of July – Galaxie 500 / This Is Our Music
Heart It Races – Architecture of Helsinki / Places Like This
The Evil That Men Do – Yo La Tengo / Ride The Tiger
Cowboy Song – Golden Smog / On Golden Smog
The Great Gig In The Sky – Flaming Lips/White Dwarfs / Dark Side Of The Moon
Train – Kings Of Leon / Youth & Young Manhood


Go-Go Boots – Drive By Truckers / Go-Go Boots
Progress – Booker T. Jones (with Yim Yames) / The Road From Memphis
Wordless Chorus – My Morning Jacket / Z
Awake – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / B.R.M.C.
Simply Thrilled Honey – Orange Juice / The Glasgow School
I Could Be Dreaming – Belle & Sebastian / Tiger Milk

Rock Indie Part 2

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My My Metrocard – Le Tigre / Le Tigre
Ushilo Sugata Ga Kilei – Stereo Total / Monokini
Black Diamond – The Replacements / Let It Be
Commit A Crime – Mr. Aeroplane Man / Moanin’
New Paths To Helicon Pt. 1 – Mogwai / Government Commissions BBC Sessions 1996-2003
Icky Thump – The White Stripes / Live In Mississippi
Bilco – Bloc Party / Intimacy


Baby Lulu – Stereolab / ABC Music BBC Radio 1
Nobody Gets Me But You – Spoon / Transference
Blackpool – The Delgados / The Complete BBC Sessions
Fuck This…I’m Leaving – The American Analog Set / Set Free


Lift Your Skinny Fist Like Antennas to Heaven – God Speed You Black Emperor / Lift Your Skinny Fist Like Antennas to Heaven

Indie Punk Garage Part 1

This weeks Twisted Groove is a culmination of old and new Indie, Punk and Garage. I have acquired a bunch of new music recently that I wanted to play and also I went to see Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. So this is what popped out….

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Half Light II (No Celebration) – Arcade Fire / The Suburbs
Regina – Sugarcubes / It’s – It
Eight Steps – Electrelane / Axes
While Men Are Dreaming – Jenny and Johnny / I’m Having Fun Now
Animal – Jenny and Johnny / I’m Having Fun Now
Beautiful Amnesia – Visqueen / Message To Garcia
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Cat Power / The Covers Record
Drive To Dallas – Fiery Furnaces / I’m Going Away

Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass – !!! / Strange Weather, Isn’t It?
Anthrax – Gang Of Four / Return The Gift
They Will Be Done – Handsome Furs / Face Control
Fast Or Slow – Pudding Attack / Lightning Bolt Glamour
1969 – The Stooges / The Stooges
Wait For Your Love – Mr. Airplane Man / C’mon DJ
Try To Understand – The Seeds / The Seeds

Indie Punk Garage Part 2

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Bloody Mary – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages / Dig Yourself
Natural Man – The Dirtbombs / If You Don’t Already Have A Look
Putty (In Your Hand) – Detroit Cobras / Mink, Rat or Rabbit
Next Girl – The Black Keys / Brothers
Snake Drive – R.L. Burnside & John Spencer / A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
The Sad Sun – Dear Tick / The Black Dirt Sessions
Dry Out – Bad Veins / Bad Veins
Surprise Truck – Camper van Beethoven / Camper van Beethoven

For Tension – Superchunk / On The Mouth
Dig My Shit – John Spencer Blues Explosion / Now I Got Worry
Catholic Education – Teenage Fanclub / Catholic Education
Don’t Say A Word (Demo) – Yo La Tengo / Whats Up Matador
Twiggy Twiggy – Pizzicato Five / Made In USA
Irorun – 00100 / Armonico Hewa
Moving Mountains – Yoko Ono / Between My Head And The Sky

I Slept With Bonhomme At the CBC – Broken Social Scene / Feel Good Lost

Redcell Again Part 1

Redcell was my special guest this week on the Twisted Groove. It’s always a pleasure to have him. He brought along a bunch of new some old and some very quirky music. Give a listen I’m sure you’ll like it…

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BABYSLAVE – We Hate You Little Girls Aloud
Survive-All Fall-Out Shelters Commercial
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Women – Narrow With The Hall
Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
KaS Product – Never Come Back
White Ring – Suffocation
Gobble Bobble – Cat Eggs
So, So Many White Tigers – We Shoot Arrows

Matthew Dear – I Can’t Feel
Fever Ray – Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Terminal Twilight – The Fire of Love (Jody Reynolds Cover – 1958)
The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS) – Right On
Modern Witch – Size Me
Pallers – The Kiss

Redcell Again Part 2

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Suuns – Disappearance Of The Skyscraper
Coolrunnings – Trippin’ Balls at Der Wienerschnitzel
Beck (Beck’s Record Club) – The Devil Inside (INXS Cover)
Tweak Bird – Tunneling Through
Lemon Dots – Sunrise Surprise
Aids Wolf – Teaching to Suffer
TEETH – Time Changes
Tennis – Marathon
Laurie Anderson – Only An Expert (Live)

The Books – The Story of Hip-Hop
TEETH – See Spaces
M.I.A. – Lovalot
Pillars and Tongues – Veil of

Beck (Beck’s Record Club) – Tiny Daggers (INXS Cover)

Alex Chilton Part One

Alex Chilton died Wednesday March 17, 2010. I was saddened to hear the news.

Alex seemed very content with where he stood in music history. While he was a great song writer who never made it BIG, his influence is vastly significant in today’s music. Anyone who is in the know about modern music knows Alex is an icon.

I feel so strongly about the power of Alex’s music that I felt compelled to honor him with an entire broadcast featuring his work.

Listen to this two hour tribute and you’ll understand why Alex will sorely be missed. Thank you friend.

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The Letter – Box Tops / Super Hits
The Ballad of El Grodo – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Thirteen – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
I’m In Love With A Girl – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Motel Blues – Big Star / Live WLIR 1974
Feel – Big Star / #1 Record
O My Soul – Big Star / Radio City
Don’t Lie To Me – Big Star / #1 Record
Life Is White – Big Star / Radio City

O’ Dana – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Thank You Friends – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Femme Fatale – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Stroke It Noel – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
You Can’t Have Me – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Nightmare – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Till The End Of The Day – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers
Kangaroo – Big Star / Third/Sister Lovers

Alex Chilton Part Two

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Sugar Sugar/I Got The Feelin’ – Alex Chilton / 1970
Like Flies On Sherbet – Alex Chilton / Like Flies On Sherbet
No Sex – Alex Chilton / No Sex EP
Downtown – Alex Chilton / Step Right Up T. Waits
I Wanna Pick You Up – Alex Chilton / Caroline Now! Brian Wilson
Can’t Seem To Make You Mine – Alex Chilton / Lost Decade
Don’t Stop – Alex Chilton / A Man Called Destruction

What’s Your Sign Girl? – Alex Chilton / A Man Called Destruction
Guantanamerika – Alex Chilton / Top 30
Let Me Get Close To You – Alex Chilton / High Priest
Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo – Alex Chilton / Feudalist Tarts
Give Me Another Chance – Alex Chilton / #1 Record

Freedom – Chilton, Vega & Vaughn / Cubist Blues
Candyman – Chilton, Vega & Vaughn / Cubist Blues

Blue Series and Scalise Part One

Todd Scalise Akashic Field Painting, Acrylic on canvas, 64″ x 43″, 2006

I went and saw the Dex Romweber Duo the other week and it got me back in the mood for some raw rock-n-roll. I purchased their 7” 45 at the show and then started looking online at what else Jack White’s label was up to. Well Jack has a whole series of 7”s that he is producing out of his studio in Nashville and releasing on his Third Man Records label. So I proceeded to buy a bunch of these and to formulate a radio show around them. So then I remembered a conversation with my friend Todd Scalise about the movie “It Might Get Loud” and that Jack had mentioned Romweber as a big influence in that film. So I called Todd up to see if he might do the show with me. So the results is the dirty punk garage blues psychedelic show below.

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Fly Farm Blues – Jack White / 7″ 45
The Wind Did Move. – Dex Romweber Duo / 7″ 45
Shakin All Over – Wanda Jackson / 7″ 45
River Song – Smoke Faires / 7″ 45
Feel (alternative mix) – Big Star/ 7″ 45 Record Store Day Release
A Glorious Dawn – Carl Sagen / 7″ 45
Province – TV On The Radio / Live At Amoeba

Hang You From The Heavens – The Dead Weather / Horehound
I Aint Superstitious – The Upholsterers – Makers Of High Grade Suites
Frog Went a Courtin” – Flat Duo Jets / Two Headed Cow
The Freakout – The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Diane Perry Tapes
Heartbroken, In Despair – Dan Auerbach / Keep It Hid
Going Down South – R. L. Burnside / A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey
Up In The Room – Mr Airplane Man / The L Word Enhanced Soundtrack
A Real Man – Sleater-Kinney / Sleater-Kinney