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DJ Darktone Part One

This weeks Twisted Groove Darktone drops by with some heaviness, from sludge and doom, to some drone and Cascadian black metal. Lots of gems from American metal label Southern Lord, plus other dark and murky treasures.

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Huge – Boris / Amplifier Worship
Boris – The Melvins / Bullhead
The Wizard – Black Sabbath / Black Sabbath
Hunting and Gathering – Sunn O))) / Monoliths and Dimensions

Raiford (the Felon Wind) – Earth / Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method
Murder Of… – Eagle Twin / Resurrection (Southern Lord Comp)
Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead – Om / Pilgrimage

DJ Darktone Part Two

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Ahrimanic Trance – Wolves In The Throne Room / Black Cascade
Chapter II The Sun Goes Down Beween The Hills – Ulver / Bergtatt
Not Unlike the Waves – Agalloch / Ashes Against The Grain

Dead Eyes – Jesu / Silver EP
Another Brown World – Coil / Myths 1234
Sun Baked Snow Cave – Boris w/ Merzbow / Sun Baked Snow Cave

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