Redcell was my special guest this week on the Twisted Groove. It’s always a pleasure to have him. He brought along a bunch of new some old and some very quirky music. Give a listen I’m sure you’ll like it…

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BABYSLAVE – We Hate You Little Girls Aloud
Survive-All Fall-Out Shelters Commercial
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Women – Narrow With The Hall
Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
KaS Product – Never Come Back
White Ring – Suffocation
Gobble Bobble – Cat Eggs
So, So Many White Tigers – We Shoot Arrows

Matthew Dear – I Can’t Feel
Fever Ray – Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Terminal Twilight – The Fire of Love (Jody Reynolds Cover – 1958)
The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS) – Right On
Modern Witch – Size Me
Pallers – The Kiss