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Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra Turns 50

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I will honor the 50th anniversary of the ground breaking Tangerine Dream record Phaedra (February 20, 1974). This is a seminal album of electronic music that essentially launched the whole sequencer rhythm school of electronics music as we know it. I will play the whole Phaedra album and more…


Tangerine Dream : Phaedra : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream Mysterious Semblance at the Stand of Nightmares : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream : Sequent C’ : Phaedra


Tangerine Dream : Movements of A Visionary : Phaedra

Tangerine Dream : Ricochet Part Two : Ricochet


Edgar Froese : Upland : Aqua

Klaus Schulze : Floating : Moondawn


Cluster : Plas : Cluster II

Neu! : Negativland : Neu! (1972)

Tangerine Dream : Birth of Liquid Plejades : Ziet


Tonight’s Twisted Groove is Cantastic! I spin a bunch of Can along with other Krautrock Electronic. I play tracks from Faust, Neu!, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Kraftwerk and more. Play list coming soon…

A Diverse Range Of Music – Recent Arrivals

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I play newish arrivals into the inbox. I play tracks from Bicep, The Fixx, Polica, Congotronics International, Mouse On Mars, Modern English, Mr. Gnome, Eels and a whole lot more…


Modern English : I Melt With You : After The Snow Live From Indigo @ The 02

Mr. Gnome : How To Talk In Technicolor : The Day You Flew Away

Eels : Good Night On Earth : Extreme Witchcraft

Spiritualized : I Am Coming Home Again : Everything Was Beautiful

The Fixx : A Life Survived : Every Five Seconds


Polica : Sweet Memz : Madness

Soccer Mommy : Darkness Forever : Darkness Forever

Bicep : Meli (II) : Single

Röyksopp : Unity : Single

Aquadeep Veesoul & TimAdeep : Commando : Another Mile EP


Tom Tom Club : Love To Love You Baby : The Good, The Bad & The Funky (Reissue)

Mo Meets Mongoose : Dance Enhancer : Home Brewed Cascadian Funk 2016-2020

Flying Lotus : Vocoder : Single

Congotronics International : Kule Kule Redux : Where’s The One?

Shabaka : Explore Inner Space : Afrikan Culture

Califone : Black Metal Valentine : Roots & Crowns

Sons Of : A Ghost At Noon : Sons of Sam Prekopd John McEntire

Mouse On Mars : Detected Beats : Radial Connector

A Remembrance Of Klaus Schulze

Electronic music Pioneer Klaus Schulze passed away this week. I dedicate this week’s show to him. He was an early member of the groups Tangerine Dream, the Cosmic Joker, and Ash Ra Tempel, in the beginnings of a career that grew to include more than 60 albums. Throughout the show I play mostly Klaus’s work but I sneak in tracks from Cluster and Can.


Klaus Schulze : Friedrich Nietzsche : X

Can : Father Cannot Yell : Monster Movie


Tangerine Dream : Journey Through A Burning Brain : Electronic Meditation

Cluster : Live In Der Fabrik : Cluster II


Klaus Schulze : Floating : Moondawn


Klaus Schulze : Satz Ebene : Irrlicht

Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook : Dark Side Of The Moog VI : Part 2

Rhythms, Resolutions & Postrock

Tonight’s Twisted Groove I play a bunch of Postrock. Tortoise reissued Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters this week. It’s a remix album from 1995. Tortoise has always be so ahead of the curve. I play tracks from Oval, Chicago Underground, The Mercury Program, HIM, Stereolab, Black Dice, Nobukazu Takemura local band We Drew Lightning and a lot more.


Tortoise : Not Quite East Of The Ryan (Remixed by Bundy K Brown) : Rhythms, Resolutions and Clusters

We Drew Lightning : Descending Leaf : Glitch

Black Dice : Skeleton : Creature Comfort


Tortoise : Jetty : TNT

Oval : Momentan VR

The Mercury Program : Down On Your Lung : Dok

Nobukazu Takemura : Anemometer : From The Vapor Of Gasoline


Tortoise : Speakeasy : Standards

HIM : Five : Five & Six In Dub

Stereolab : Nihilist Assault Group (Part 1,2,3) : Oscillons From The Anti-Sun


Tortoise : Alcohall (Remixed by John McEntire) : Rhythms, Resolutions and Clusters

HIM : A Verdict Of Science : Sworn Eyes

Chicago Underground Quartet : Tunnel Chrome : Chicago Underground Quartet

IDM Electronic

This week’s Twisted Groove I play IDM Electronic music. Tracks from Add N to X, The Future Sound of London, Phonem, Pole, The Books, Boom Bip, Boards of Canada The Orb and a whole lot more…



Alex Paterson/Dub Tree : Buffalo : Dr. Alex Paterson’s Voyage Into Paradise

Zulutronic : Cowboy Tronic : The State of E:Motion Vol. 6

Phonem : Syntax : Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey


The Orb / Thomas Fehlmann : Immer Nie Da : The Orb For Ketama / Tundra and Snowflakes Vol. 2

The Future Sound of London : Outer Heaven : From The Archives Vol. 7

Four Tet : Unspoken : Rounds

The Future Sound of London : Private Psyche And Inner Life : From The Archives Vol. 5


Ricardo Villalobos : Quizás : Alcachofa

Nobukazu Takemura : Perch : 10th

Boards of Canada : Aquarius (Version 3) : Peel Session

Andrew Pekler : Steady Bounce : Instrumentals Staedtizisms 3


Pole : Röschen : Fading

Savath & Savalas : Equipatge de Flors Segues : Mañana

The Books : Be Good To Them Always : Lost and Safe

Boom Bip : Girl Toy : Blue Eyed In The Red Room

Add N to X : Plug Me In : Add Insult To Injury


This week’s Twisted Groove I play a bunch of New/ish music I am Just getting the time to process. 
I play tracks from Idles, Geese, Marco Benevento, The Go! Team, Mitski, Warpaint, Jose Gonzalez and a whole lot more…



Deafheaven : Mombasa : Infinite Granite

Chayse Porter : Yoshi : Chay’s Palace

The Sea Shall Not Have Them : Lower The Sky : Debris

Modern Nature : Performance : Island Of Noise

Elephant Stone : Lonely : Le Voyage de M. Lonely Dans la Lune


S U R V I V E : Copter : Rr7349

Nation Of Language : Star and Sons : Under The Radar Cover of Covers

The Go! Team : Pow : Get Up Sequences Part One

Mitski : The Only Heartbreaker : Laurel Hell

Warpaint : Champion : Radiate Like This

Bonobo : Age Of Phase (Spinifex Extended Mix) : Fragments


Idles : MTT 420 RR : Crawler

Chrome Sparks & Reo Cragun : Swallow Me Whole : Void

Unknown Mortal Orchestra : That Life : single

Torres : Don’t Go Puttin Wishes In My Head : Thirstier

Joon Moon : Bill feat. Liv Warfield : Chrysalis

Geese : Exploding House (Ambient End Mix) : Projector


Jose Gonzalez : Head On : Local Valley

Hand Habits : False Start : Fun House

Marco Benevento : Winter Rose : single

Peter Matson : Roma Norte (Jimpster Remix) : 20 Years Of Bastard Jazz

Model Man : Impromptu Mo. 1 (Apogee) : Model Man

Darkwave + Other Twisted Sounds

On this week’s Twisted Groove I play Darkwave + Twisted sounds. DJ Darktone was playing me a bunch of music and got me going down this path. I play tracks from Magic Sword, Crystal Castles, early Tangerine Dream, Gary Numan, Tobacco, Health, Black Moth Super Rainbow and more…



Magic Sword : Hope : Endless

Health : Courtship II (Roly Porter Rmx) : Disco3

Health : Crusher : Disco3

Black Moth Super Rainbow : I Think I’m Evil : Cobra Juicy

Gary Numan : I Am Dust : Splinter (Songs From A Broken Wind)

Tobacco : Human Om : Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco : Hong : Sweatbox Dynasty

Tobacco : Wipeth Out (Slight Edit) : Sweatbox Dynasty


Crystal Castles : Violent Youth : (III)

Cold Cave : God Made The World : Full Cold Moon

Adana Twins : Bleeding Feat. Human Life : Single

Ancient Astronauts : Peach In The East [Kabanjar Remix] : Oiorn Nebula Remixes

Chelsea Wolf : After The Fall [Spinifex Extended Mix] : Abyss


Magic Sword : A New Quest : Endless

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein : Stranger Things Vol. 1 : Run Away / No Autopsy / Dispatch / Joyce and Lonnie Fighting / Lights Out / Hazmat Suits / Theoretically / You Can Talk To Me / What Else Is There To Do? / Hawkins Lab [First 10 Mixed Tracks]

Lord Raja : Yelleo E : A Constant Moth

Tower Recordings : Moon Rocks Off [Extended] : Future Music For Evening Shuttles


Tangerine Dream Early Work : Fly and Collision of Comas Sola : Alpha Centauri

Tangerine Dream : Logos Part One (Second Half) : Logos Live

Twisted Dream

This week’s Twisted Groove I play twisted and dreamy music. I play tracks from Dead Can Dance, KLF, The Orb, Pete Namlook, Robert Fripp and more…



Dead Can Dance : The Host of Seraphim : The Serpent’s Egg

KLF : Chill Out 3 AM Somewhere Out of Beaumont : Chill Out

The The : Dark Summer : Cineola Vol 2 Moonbug From The Movie Apollo

The The : Earth Rise : Cineola Vol 2 Moonbug From The Movie Apollo

The The : Between Moons : Cineola Vol 2 Moonbug From The Movie Apollo

Steve Roach : Motivating Factor [Extended 1 Minute] : Bloom Acsension


Moby : LA7 : Long Ambients: Calm Sleep

The Orb : Pomme Fritz (Meat’nVeg) : Pomme Fritz EP

The Orb : His Immortal Logness : Pomme Fritz EP


Robert Fripp : 1985 : Let The Power Fall

Move D / Pete Namlook : Springtime V2 : Let The Circle Not Be Broken


Eno, Moebius, Roedelius : Base & Apex : After The Heat

Robert Davies : Cloud Shadows : Sub Rosa

Zoviet France : On The Edge of a Grain of Sand : In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze

Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm : Night Traffic : Drawn From Life

Rome : Lunar White : Rome

Twisted Groove Retrograde

On this week’s Twisted Groove I play old school Twisted Groove tracks. Alex Lancaster and I started the show in June of 2000. This show is depicting a mix we might have spun in those early days. I play selections from Cabaret Voltaire, LTJ Bukem, New Order, Plaid, Kraftwerk, The Grid, Spring Heal Jack and more…



Cabaret Voltaire : Baader Meinhof : Listen Up With Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire : Automotivation : Listen Up with Cabaret Voltaire

Ticket : Bus : Instrumentals / Staedtizism 3

Spring Hill Jack : Suspensions : 68 Million Shades

Photek : Aleph 1 : Modus Operandi


LTJ Bukum : [The Artist Cear] The Switch : Earth Volume 7

Baby Ford : Disconoddy : Bford9

Muziq : Funky Pipecleaner : In Pine Effect

Gus Gus : Esja : Gus Gus Vs. T-World


Cabaret Voltaire : I Want You (12” Mix) : The Original Sound of Sheffield 83/87

The Grid w/Fripp : Higher Peaks : Evolver

Moby : Digital Love : Discovery

New Order : Fine Time [Spinifex Extended Mix] : Technique


Photek : Junk : Solaris

Plaid/Gregory Fleckner Quintet : Juicy Jazz Girls (Plaid Remix) : Plaid Remixes Parts of the Post

Nolte : How To Loose Your Head Baby : Staaedtizism 2

The Future Sound of London : Vertical Rig : Lifeforms

Kraftwerk : Computer World : Minimum-Maximum Live

The G-Man : Pure Sweet Groove [Short Edit] : Grin Groove

Sedibus Electronic

The week’s Twisted Groove I feature the newish release The Heavens from Sedibus. Sedibus is The Orb founder Alex Patterson and original Orb member Andy Falconer. I work other likemaybelike music around tracks from this release. I play tracks from Tyondai Braxton, Ben Frost, Plaid, Tycho, Space (Jimmy Cauty), Nigel Mullaney and many more.




Sedibus : Unknowable : The Heavens

Nigel Mullaney : Lethargy : 31 Days

Ben Frost : Trauma Theory : The Centre Cannot Hold


Sedibus : TOI 1338b : The Heavens

Matths : Delusion : Tone Science Module No.5/Integers and Quotients

Plaid : Housework : Peel Session 2

LFO : Lost World : Peel Session


Sedibus : Pappillons : The Heavens

Tyondai Braxton : Greencrop : Oranged Out

Tycho : Montana (Christopher Willits Remix) : Awake Remixes


Sedibus : Afterlife Aftershave : The Heavens

d’Voxx : Akalla Soder : TÄ—lÄ—graphe

Space/Jimmy Cauty : Mercury Venus Mars Juniper : Space


This week’s Twisted Groove I play a bunch of IDM reminiscent of the original days of the Twisted Groove. I play tracks from Autechre, Beacon, Pole, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow and more…




Matmos : No Concept : The Consuming Flame

Autechre : Surripere : Draft 7.30

Aphex Twin : 1st 44 : Collapse EP


Mathew Dear : Her Fantasy : single

Gaudi/The Orb : N.O.I.A : Auntie Aubrey’s Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty Pt 3

Pole : Traum : Fading

Squarepusher : Circular : Music Is Rotted One Note

Xeno & Oaklander : Interface : Par Avion


Moby : Refuge : All Visible Objects

DJ Shadow : Intersectionality : Our Pathetic Age

Rone : Raverine : Room With A View

Khotin : Looping Good : Beautiful You

Khotin : Welcome : Beautiful You


Beacon : On Ice (Elekka Remix) : Gravity Paris Remixes

Tycho : Montana (Few Nolder Remix) : Awake Remixes

Boards Of Canada : XYZ : Peel Sessions

Michaael Bundt : The Brain Of Oskar Panizza : Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3

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