This weeks Twisted Groove is an interesting show of No Wave, New Wave, Underground Music from New York and Afro Funk,. Much of the music being African drum rooted with funky bass lines. I start the show off with outtake tracks from David Byrne and Brian Eno’s album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and go right into Talking Heads Remain In Light Album, choosing the outtake track Fela’s Riff from that album. A bit later I get into a Arthur Russel track which is Underground Dance music and contains a lot of Afro type percussion with a persistent bass kick. The Fela thread moves through the whole show but not in the most overt way. If you give it a listen I am sure you’ll agree and agree that it is a super fun show!!

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Bay Dee – Konk / Tales Of The New York Underground 1981-88

Reduction – Material / New York Noise NY Underground 1978-82

UFO – ESG / ESG: A South Bronx Story

The River Art – Research / Not Wave Comp Sampler 2

His Wife Refused – David Byrne / The Catherine Wheel


Mombasa – Jon Hassell / Work Of Fiction

Electric Travels – The Echocentrics / 45

Materialism – New York Gong / About Time

Nascimento (Rebirth) – Scene II / Red Hot & Rio 2

My Dear – Nomo / Ghost Rock


New Math – Dave Samuels / Joe Claussell Reason To Celebrate