I am very excited that Tangerine Dream is playing tonight in Albuquerque. So for tonight’s Twisted Groove I am going to play a sample of their work along with other Electronic Ambient artists. I will also feature a set of DiN Records releases. I will play tracks from Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Chris Meyer, Cluster, Brian Eno, Robert Davies and a whole lot more.


Tangerine Dream : Raum : Raum

Robert Davies : 1987 : Let The Power Fall


Chris Meyer : Tempestarius : Tone Science Module No. 7

Polypores : Until You Observe It, It Isn’t There : Multizonal Mindscramble

Lyonel Bauchet : Toutce ce qui a lieu : Tractatus Lyra-Organismus

Ian Boddy : The Circle Closes : Nevermore


Robert Rich : Writing On Water : Travelers’ Cloth

Cluster : Plas : Cluster II

Pete Namlook/Gabriel Le Mar : In Time : Namlook Le March

Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm : Rising Dust : Drawn From Life


Tangerine Dream : Rubycon Part Two : Rubycon

Steve Roach : Empath Current : Molecules Of Motions