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Analog Worms Attack – Analog Worms Attack EP / Mr. Oizo
Bacative – Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew / Tricky
The Expert – Touch Yello / Yello
Cheatin’ – Making Orange Things / Venetian Snares
Computer – Mamma Killer Night / Capri
Chase The Tear – Single / Portishead
Triple Sun – The Ape of Napes / Coil

Ephemeral Artery – Psychic Chasms / Neon Indian
The Sun Is Down – Between My Head And The Sky / Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
As If By Magic – La Roux / La Roux
Bay of Pigs – Bay of Pigs EP / Destroyer


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Disco Inferno Lyrics – A Child’s Introduction to Disco / Kid Stuff Repertory Company
100 Persons – Sixteens / Sixteens
Run, Run, Run – The VU & Nico / Beck
Rights For Gays – Love Is Real / John Maus
Clothes On My Bed – Kooze Control / Geneva Jacuzzi
El vagón de enfrente – Ya se oculta el sol / Grado 33
Double Lives In Single Beds – Death Comes Close 12″ / Cold Cave
Deprimido – Ya se oculta el sol / Grado 33
Love Comes Close – Edsel And Ruby / Cold Cave

He’s a liquid (alt version) – Metamatic / John Foxx
Heaven Is Real – Love Is Real / John Maus
Beantown Light – Lightning / Truman Peyote
Untitled – Demos / Chauncey Gadick
Il Se Noie – Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux / Trisomie 21
Ancestors – 2010 From Warp Records / Gonjasufi

Spacer Woman – 12″ / Charlie



I felt like mixing it up this week so this weeks Twisted Groove show is quit varied. While I was in San Francisco a while back I bought the then newest Muslimgauze release Armsbazzar. Recordings of his from 1994-1997. His sound is raw and powerful. I then moved to some smoother electronic music like M83, Plaid and DNTEL. Then I get all euro with some French feeling music like Bertrand and Alif Tree. Then I move into some experimental sounds of Nick Forte. Then into some Kriedler, KJ Sawka and then back to Muslimgauze. Ending out the eve with Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars and Future Sound of London. Quite a varied tour around the electronic music genre.

Zaffaran – Muslimgauze / Armsbazaar
Birds – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Unrecorded – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
America – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Silversum – Plaid / Double Figure
(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan – Dntel / Life Is Full of Possibilities

Escape Pad – Decoder Ring / Fractions
Light 3000 (Smiths – there is a light that never goes out) – Schneider TM / 6 Peace EP
My Soul – Alif Tree / French Cuisine
Ma Rencontie – Bertrand / The Sssssssound of Mmmmmmusic
Ile de Beton – Bertrand / The Sssssssound of Mmmmmmusic
My French Brother – The Thievery Corp (Bobby Hughes Experience) / The Outernational Sound

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Blender Dance – Nick Forte / Pasted Lakes
Sans Soleil – Kreidler / Kreidler
Move On – KJ Sawka / Cyclonic Steel
Hebron Massacre – Muslimgauze / Armsbazaar

Reunion 2 – Aphex Twin / Chosen Lords
Düül – Mouse on Mars / Varcharz

Environments Part 2 (Excerpt) – Future Sound of London / Environments

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Various New

I have been playing so much old school recently I decided to do a whole show on new music mostly from the last 6 months or so. The music is varying in styles…

Lemonade, The Emergency, Michna, Muto, Monareta, Lotus, Belleruche, Lone, Howie B vs. Casino Royale, Grampall Jookabox, Deerhunter, DZ and XI

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The Ritz, Kenny Galactic of Walmart, Nudge, Skew, Benoit Pioulard, Grouper, White Rainbow, AU, Radioactive Man, Daedelus, Math Head, Munk, Truckasauras, Studio, Sao Paulo Underground

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