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Sam The Attacker Part 1

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Morthem Vlade Art – Counter Canter / Slow Wave Sleep CD LP
Adult. – Night Life / Disco Nouveau #3 (Ltd. Ed. Vinyl)
Hate Dept. – Master and Servant / Newer Wave CD (Vol. 1)
Secret Society of the Sonic Six – “5:00” / 5:00/ Into the Night 7”
Crack We Are Rock – Hooker Leg / Silent Fantasy CD
G.G.F.H. – REAL / Disease Vinyl LP
Tracy and the Plastics – Hey Rubella / Forever Sucks EP/CD

The Faint – Casual Sex – Blank Wave Arcade / Ltd. White Vinyl LP
Condor – A Big One – A Big One CD
Dogstar Communications – Anexia / Anexia/Innekouzou 7” Vinyl
Dioxyde – Money Trail / Social Phobia CD
CDDATAKILL – Vodka Splitter / Paradisi Vinyl LP
Everything Goes Cold – Bitch Stole my Time Machine / V.S. General Failure CD

Sam The Attacker Part 2

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O.M.D. – Radio Waves / Dazzle Ships Vinyl LP
Informatik – Saints & Sinners / RE:Vision CD
N.T.X. Electric – Chasing the Rats Out / NTX/ERIKA THRASHER Split 7”
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Sweet Dreams / This is not the 80’s 2CD Comp.
Plastics – Copy / Copy/Robot Vinyl 7” (1979)
Liquid Sky – Rhythm Box / Int’l DeeJay Gigolos Compilation CD
Centimeters – Help is on the Way / Help is on the Way/African Paper 7”

In Strict Confidence – The Darkest Corridors / Ltd. Ed. “Holy” CD Box Set
Something About Vampires & Sluts – Grinding Halt / S.A.V.S./Vanishing Split 7”
Rev Voice Choir – Glass Eyed / A Thousand Reflections CD
Adult. – Modern Romantics / Modern Romantics/Run Run Crying Ltd. Ed. 7”
Melotron – Wach Auf / Weltfrieden CD
Nebula-H – Twlight Zone / Square Matrix 002 Compilation

Electro Goodness Part One

This weeks Twisted Groove show is chock full of Electro. I recently spent some time at Mecca Records in Albuquerque and I picked up a bunch of Electro and Electro related music. If you haven’t been to Mecca you need to check it out. They have the best selection of vinyl records in NM. They are located at 1404 Central Ave SW Albuquerque
I of course play a bunch of music from the DFA Record label. Those guys are rockin New York City as well as the rest of the world. Check out this show of non stop dancing…

PS I will be spinning a bunch of Funk, Soul, Rare Groove as well as Electro this coming Saturday at Second Street Brewery. Start time is 9:30pm and admission is free. It will be a funkin time…

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Bend Over Beethoven – !!! / Myth Takes
No UFO’s – Model 500 / No UFO’s
Polo Club (Nick Chacona and Anthony Mansfield Remix) – Greens Keepers/ Part One
Big Ideas (Babytalk Remix) – LCD Soundsystem / Big Ideas EP
Spacefunk (12″ Mix) – Headrillaz / Spacefunk EP

Happy House – The Juan Maclean / Happy House EP
Dare (DFA Remix) – Gorillaz / The DFA Remixes
It’s The Beat – Simian Mobile Disco / Attack Decay Sustain Release

Electro Goodness Part Two

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Slippery Dick – Peaches / Impeach My Bush
Underwater – Mock $ Toof / Underwater EP
Soundtrack Of Now – Miss Kittin / ICOM
Life After Sundown – Glass Candy / B/E/A/T/B/O/X
The Reason Why – Ladytron / Light and Music
Too Much Love – LCD Soundsystem / LCD Soundsystem

Schon Von Unten – Stereo Total / Monokini
Don’t Be Light (The Hacker Remix) – Air / Everybody Hertz EP
Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Remix) – Arthur Russell / The World Of Arthur Russell

Adventures in Brickett Wood [Layne’s Head Stash Re-Roll] (Mudd) – James Murphy & Pat Mahoney / Fabriclive 36
Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread) (Elektrik Dred) – James Murphy & Pat Mahoney / Fabriclive 36
You Got Me Running (Lenny Williams) – James Murphy & Pat Mahoney / Fabriclive 36
Like Some Dream (I Can’t Stop Dreaming) (Daniel Wang) – James Murphy & Pat Mahoney / Fabriclive 36


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Analog Worms Attack – Analog Worms Attack EP / Mr. Oizo
Bacative – Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew / Tricky
The Expert – Touch Yello / Yello
Cheatin’ – Making Orange Things / Venetian Snares
Computer – Mamma Killer Night / Capri
Chase The Tear – Single / Portishead
Triple Sun – The Ape of Napes / Coil

Ephemeral Artery – Psychic Chasms / Neon Indian
The Sun Is Down – Between My Head And The Sky / Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
As If By Magic – La Roux / La Roux
Bay of Pigs – Bay of Pigs EP / Destroyer


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Disco Inferno Lyrics – A Child’s Introduction to Disco / Kid Stuff Repertory Company
100 Persons – Sixteens / Sixteens
Run, Run, Run – The VU & Nico / Beck
Rights For Gays – Love Is Real / John Maus
Clothes On My Bed – Kooze Control / Geneva Jacuzzi
El vagón de enfrente – Ya se oculta el sol / Grado 33
Double Lives In Single Beds – Death Comes Close 12″ / Cold Cave
Deprimido – Ya se oculta el sol / Grado 33
Love Comes Close – Edsel And Ruby / Cold Cave

He’s a liquid (alt version) – Metamatic / John Foxx
Heaven Is Real – Love Is Real / John Maus
Beantown Light – Lightning / Truman Peyote
Untitled – Demos / Chauncey Gadick
Il Se Noie – Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux / Trisomie 21
Ancestors – 2010 From Warp Records / Gonjasufi

Spacer Woman – 12″ / Charlie

Electro > Techno

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Flicking Your Switch – Ladytron / Light & Magic
Underwater Dub – Mock & Toof / EP
Walk On By – Miss Kitten / First Album
Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches / Impeach My Bush

Dance To The Underground – Radio 4 / The DFA Remixes
Pardon My Freedom – !!! / EP
Tits & Acid – Simian Mobile Disco / Attack Decay Sustain Release
Go Bang (Thank You Arthur Edit) – Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell) / 24 –> 24 Music


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Que Belle Epoque 2006 – Ricardo Villalobos / Salvador
Blossom – T. Kitani / Tiger Mask EP
Alles Ist Gut – Strass / Rauschen Vol 13
Soul Stirring – Blake Baxter / Dream Sequence 3

Asphalt – Age / EP
Bonus Beat (Remix) – Terrence Dixon / From The Future
Don’t Be Light (Hacker Remix) – Air / Everybody Hertz EP
Baby Oh Baby – Martin Rev / Martin Rev

The River Art – Research / Not Wave EP

Punk Funk Electro

Image result for the juan maclean

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You Can’t Have It Both Ways – The Juan Maclean / DFA Comp #1
Soundtrack Of Now – Miss Kitten / I COM
Stick It To The Pimp – Peaches / Impeach My Bush
Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood / EP: Relax
True Faith (Side B) – New Order / EP: True Faith/1963

Life After Sundown– Glass Candy / B/E/A/T/B/O/X
Freak Out/Starry Eyes – LCD Sound System / 45:33

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It’s Her Factory – Gang Of Four / Gang Of Four Special Edition Four Track EP
Pardon My Freedom – Gang Of Four / Gang Of Four Special Edition Four Track EP
Orange Alert – Metro Area / The DFA Remixes
War – Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Two Tribes EP
Louis XIV – The Wolfgang Press / Queer
Stock Exchange – Miss Kitten / First Album

A Man Could Get Lost – Soft Cell/ Nonstop Ecstatic Dancing
Running– Stereo MC’s / Deep Down and Dirty
Sweetheart – Suicide/ The Second Album
Officer Of Hearts – The Handsome Furs / Face Control
My Time Is Running Out – The Juan Maclean / Less Than Human

Temptation – Martin Rev / Martin Rev


Electro Plus

Handsome Furs.

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Nyet Spasiba – Handsome Furs / Face Control
Mars, Arizona – Blues Explosion (DFA Remix) / The DFA Remixes Chapter One
Heart of Hearts – !!! / Myth Takes
Rise – Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom (DFA Remix) / DFA Comp Vol 2

Legal Tender – Handsome Furs / Face Control
Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches / Impeach My Bush
Deception – La Tigre / The DFA Remixes Chapter One
Beatific – Glass Candy / Beat Box
Etheric Device – Glass Candy / Beat Box
Candy Castle – Glass Candy / Beat Box
Talking Hotel Arobat Blues – Handsome Furs / Face Control
L’Homme Dans L’Ombre – Miss Kitten / First Album

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Losing My edge – LCD Soundsystem / LCD Soundsystem
Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kummern? – Stereo Total / Monokini
Allergic – Miss Kitten / Icom
Beginning of the Heartbreak – Peter Gordon, Love of Life Orchestra / James Murphy and Pat Mahoney Fabric Live 36
Primetime (Uptown Express) – Baby Oliver / James Murphy and Pat Mahoney Fabric Live 36
Love Has Come Around – Donald Byrd & 125th St., NYC / James Murphy and Pat Mahoney Fabric Live 36

Touch Me – Suicide / Second Album
Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music For Moms – Akron Family / Love is Simple
I Love You (Me Either) (Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus) – Cat Power, Karen Elson / Monsieur Gainsbourg: Revisited

Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger, A – Of Montreal / Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?


This weeks Twisted Groove show consist of a variety of music styles. The show starts out with some real fun Electro and Tech House and moves into Minimal Techno. Fun Fun show…..

Sweet Caress – A Navi / Sing 6
Bring It On Home (Mexicans With Guns Re-mix) – Diego Bernal / Corners
Beat Machine (Sharp & Smooth Burning Asses Mix) – Touvan / Single
Hazel – Junior Boy / Begone Drill Care
Show – Don Rimini / Kick + Run EP

Your Only Man – Neon Black / The Black Compilation
Bringin On Home Reprise – Diego Bernal / Corners
Notzucht – Null / EP
Erso – Richard Villalobos / Achso

Contentment Bison – Christian Vogel / All Music Has Come to an End

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Autobenda – Bostich (panoptica) / Ahora yo
Cariño – Pulse / (Darren Emerson) Textures
Glitch – Moody Boys / (Darren Emerson) Textures
Rockerfella – Pluto / (Darren Emerson) Textures
Desic – System 7 / (Darren Emerson) Textures

Three For King’s Club – Thomas Fehlman / One To Three Overflow
Press Your Body – James T Cotton / The Dancing Box
Make It Easy – Lusine / Serial Hodgepodge Ghostly

Spanish Castles in Space (Castles in Goa Mix) – The Orb / Aubrey Mixes

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Various New

I have been playing so much old school recently I decided to do a whole show on new music mostly from the last 6 months or so. The music is varying in styles…

Lemonade, The Emergency, Michna, Muto, Monareta, Lotus, Belleruche, Lone, Howie B vs. Casino Royale, Grampall Jookabox, Deerhunter, DZ and XI

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The Ritz, Kenny Galactic of Walmart, Nudge, Skew, Benoit Pioulard, Grouper, White Rainbow, AU, Radioactive Man, Daedelus, Math Head, Munk, Truckasauras, Studio, Sao Paulo Underground

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DFA / Industrial

DFA, Black Dice, LCD Soundsystem, The Juan MacLean

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Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads, Clock DVA, Richard H Kirk

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Electro Punk Funk and Stuff

Miss Kittin

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Joy Division, Research, Mock & Toof, Black Dice, Pixeltan, Miss Kittin, !!!, Erase Errata, Mathew Dear, Add N to (X)

LCD Soundsystem

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Air, LCD Soundsystem, Suicide, Akufen, Silver Apples, William Shatner, TV on the Radio, Add N to (X), Neu!

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