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Eno Part 1

Brian Eno’s new album was released this month. On this weeks Twisted Groove we have a sneak preview of the record and create a whole show around Eno’s work. Both production and solo work. We love and cherish him so much we could create a different show many times over but this is what came out this time.

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2 Forms Of Anger – Brian Eno / Small Craft On A Milk Sea
What Actually Happened – Brian Eno / Nerve Net
Horse – Brian Eno / Small Craft On A Milk Sea
Baby’s On Fire – Brian Eno / Here Comes The Warm Jets
Palesonic – Brian Eno / Small Craft On A Warm Sea
Marine Radio – Eno/Wobble / Spinner
Complex Heaven – Brian Eno / Small Craft On A Milk Sea

French Calalogues – Brian Eno / Discreet Music
I Love Running – Brian Eno / Another Green World
Eno Speaks – Brian Eno / Sonora Portraits
Over Fire Is Land – Brian Eno / Another Green World
In Dark Trees – Brian Eno / Another Green World
Bone Bomb – Brian Eno / Another Day On Earth
Helden – David Bowie / Rare
Alhondiga – Brian Eno / The Shutov Assembly

Eno Part 2

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Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno
Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno Brian Eno

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Help Me Somebody – Eno/Byrne / My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
House In Motion – Talking Heads / Remain In Light
No One Receiving – Brian Eno / Before An After Science
One Word – Eno/Cale / Wrong Way Up
Ladytron – Roxy Music / Roxy Music
Nervos – Moebius, Roedelius, Eno, and Plank / Begegnungen
Rising Thermal – John Hassell Brian Eno / Possible Musics Fourth World Music

Me On My – Brian Ferry / Olympia
Barracuda – John Cale / Fear
Altair – Fripp/Eno / The Equatorial Star

Swastika Girls – Fripp/Eno / (No Pussy Footing)

Electro Angus Part One

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Drunk Girl – LCD Soundsystem / This Is Happening
Give’er – Peaches / Impeach My Bush
Don’t Be Light (Hacker Remix) – Air / Everybody Hertz
Spacefunk (Dub Mix) – Headrillaz / Spacefunk EP
Sweet Dreams – Miss Kitten and the Hacker / This Is Not The 80’s
Yeah (crass)/Beat Connection – The DFA, Tim Goldsworthy / DFA Comp Vol 2

Decaptacon – Le Tigre / DFA Remixes Chapter 1
Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kummern? – Stereo Total / Monokini
Fabulous Muscles (Kid 606) – XIU XIU / Remix Cover
The Monster Mish – The Dandy Warhols / Earth To The Remix
Happy House (Prime Language Dub Mix) – The Juan Maclean / Happy House EP

Electro Angus Part Two

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Ghost, Pt. 1 – Anthony Rother & Sven Vath / This Is Not The 80’s
Mars, Arizona (DFA Remix) – Blues Explosion / The DFA Remixes
Dare – Gorillaz / The DFA Remixes

Meet Sue Be She – Miss Kittin / I Com
Ask The Elephant – Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band / Between My Head And The Sky
Why Theory – Gang Of Four / Solid Gold
Tainted Love 91 – Soft Cell / Memorabilia
JGNXTC – !!! / Outhud

Fabriclive 36
Adventures in Brickett Wood [Layne’s Head Stash Re-Roll] – James Murphy
Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread) – James Murphy, Sargeant, Scipio
You Got Me Running – James Murphy, Drayton, Clay

Electronic Part One

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Pump – Ellen Allien / Pump
Unflug – Ricardo Villalobos / Salvador
Immolate Yourself (Ben Klock”s Jack Remix) – Telefon Tel Aviv / Immolate Yourself
Love Rehab – Chaim / Love Rehab

Zusammen (Original) – Dance Disorder / Zusammen
Element 9 – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
Who Taught You Math – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
X-Factor – Robert Hood, Pacou / Fabric 39
Strobe Light – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
Taboo – Robert Hood, Marco Lenzi / Fabric 39
Fever [Rephrased] – Robert Hood, Joris Voorn / Fabric 39
Bust the Vibes [Real Disco Mix] – Fab G, Robert Hood / Fabric 39

Electronic Part 2

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XLR8R 134 – Deadboy / XLR8R 134 Deadboy Mix
Down On Me – Wookie
Detroitus – Donga & Blake
Shattered – Groove Chronicles
Need You – C.R.S.T
She Wore Velour – Velour
Blacksnake – Hackman
Lost (Bakongo Remix) – Soule:Power
I Know” (Well Rounded) – Skinnz
Call On Me (Deadboy Remix) – Andy Bell
I Can’t Stop – xxxy

Shift Work Mix – Solvent / Ghostly Cast #34
Attack Warning Red [excerpt] – Civil Defence Program
Entry РNovember N̦velet
Open & Shut – Martial Canterel
Blank Clocks – The Future
Riot Squad – Vice Versa
Step in Time – Psychic Youth
Rabies – Naked Lunch
Speed – Daily Fauli
U. Klaxon – Beau Wanzer
The Tale of Bernie Woodstein – Legowelt
Attack Warning Red [transition] – Civil Defence Program

Dreaming Longer – Kristin Milner / Library Catalog Music

Ellia Middle E

My niece Ellia has been staying with me recently and I wanted to do a radio show with her. So I thought long and hard on what Twisted Groove type of show she would enjoy most. So I came up with an Eastern tinged show. This show had great phone caller response and was a blast to do. Ellia called back the music and she and I both had a great time.

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Our Budda – Prav Monks / Asian Beats
Aum – L. Shankar & Bill Laswell / Axiom Ambient (Lost In Translation)
Talauadyam Kaccheri– Karnatic / A Panorama of South Indian Music

Sulamaniyah – Muslimgauze / Mazar-I-Sharif
Taal Zaman – Transglobal Underground (fea. Natasha Atlas) / International Times
Tala Sawari – Ravi Shankar / Sound Of The Sitar
Sutrix – Talvin Singh / OK

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Buddha Machine Mix – Spinifex / Live Mix
Leysh Nat’Arait – Natasha Atlas / Diaspora
Dastgah – Faramarz Payvar + Ensemble / A Persian Heritage

Iqbal Singh – Muslimgauze / Baghdad
4 Hero – Axiom-Bill Laswell / Reconstructions + Vexations
Jaan – Talvin Singh (feat. Amar) / Sound Of The Asian Underground

Bhangla Dhun – Ravi Shankar / The Concert From Bangladesh


I don’t usually do holiday themed Twisted Groove shows but with some prompts from some friends I decided to do a Halloween Special. It was fun to create and varied musically. The show contains everything from horror movie soundtrack music to Black Sabbath. Super fun show…


Funeral March Of A Marionette – Charles Gounod / The Classic Mystery
Tubular Bells (Part 1) – Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells


Rosemary’s Baby Intro (Edit) – Krzysztof Komeda/ Rosemary’s Baby Soundtrack
Valse Sentimentale – Clara Rockmore (Tchaikovsky) / The Art Of The Theremin
Falling – Julee Cruise / Floating Into The Night
Theme (Mix 1) Halloween – The City of Prague Philharmonic / The Essential John Carpenter Film Music Collection
Suicide Underground – Air / The Virgin Suicides
Twisted Nerve – The City Of Prague Philharmonic / Bernard Herrmann: The Essential Music
The Last King of Thule (Part 2) – Richard Pinhas / Iceland
Indian Summer Excerpt – Tangerine Dream / Green Desert


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Psycho Suite – Elmer Bernstein / Bernard Herrmann Film Scores From Citizen Kane To Taxi Driver
Careful With That Axe Eugene – Pink Floyd / Ummagumma
Lovely Creature – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Murder Ballads
Sick Things – Alice Cooper / Billion Dollar Babies
Electric Funeral – Black Sabbath / Paranoid

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Dead Joe – The Birthday Party / Hits
Heathen Earth – Throbbing Gristle / Heathen Earth
Scary Monsters & Super Creeps – David Bowie / Scary Monsters
Genesis – Tangerine Dream / Electronic Meditation
Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) – David Bowie / Cat People Soundtrack

Rosace 3 – Francois Boyle / Vibrations Composers

Mars to Eno

Mars Volta

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Abrasions Mount The Timpani – Mars Volta / Scab Dates
Halleluhjah – Can / Tago Mago
Please Heat This Eventually Parts IV, V & VI – Omar Rodrigues Lopez with Damo Suzuki / Please Heat This Eventually EP

Fuse/The Five Steps – DJ Spooky (William S. Burroughs) / Rhythm Science
Ulda – OOIOO / Armonico Hewa
Exposure (third addition) – Robert Fripp / Exposure
Games Without Frontiers (German version) – Peter Gabriel / Third (German version)
Mindweaver – Yoko Ono / Season of Glass
Even When You’re Far Away – Yoko Ono / Season of Glass


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Down Through The Night – Hawkwind / Space Ritual
It Was A Pleasure Then – Nico / Chelsea Girl
Machine Gun – Slow Dive / Soulaki
War In Peace – Alexander (Skip) Spence / Oar
Diana – Alejandro Escovedo / More Oar (Tribute to Skip Spence)
Shine A Light – Spiritualized / Lollipop Fest Stockholm 07-26-97

Oh Lord, Give Us More Money – Holger Czukay / Movies
20th Century Dreaming – David Silvian & Robert Fripp / Massy Hall, Toronto 11-1-93

Ba-Benzele – John Hassell & Brian Eno / Fourth World Volume I

Electro > Techno

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Flicking Your Switch – Ladytron / Light & Magic
Underwater Dub – Mock & Toof / EP
Walk On By – Miss Kitten / First Album
Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches / Impeach My Bush

Dance To The Underground – Radio 4 / The DFA Remixes
Pardon My Freedom – !!! / EP
Tits & Acid – Simian Mobile Disco / Attack Decay Sustain Release
Go Bang (Thank You Arthur Edit) – Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell) / 24 –> 24 Music


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Que Belle Epoque 2006 – Ricardo Villalobos / Salvador
Blossom – T. Kitani / Tiger Mask EP
Alles Ist Gut – Strass / Rauschen Vol 13
Soul Stirring – Blake Baxter / Dream Sequence 3

Asphalt – Age / EP
Bonus Beat (Remix) – Terrence Dixon / From The Future
Don’t Be Light (Hacker Remix) – Air / Everybody Hertz EP
Baby Oh Baby – Martin Rev / Martin Rev

The River Art – Research / Not Wave EP

Latin and Beyond

Nortec Collective

I recently picked up the newest Nortec Collective disc which is over a year old now. It reminds me of seeing the exhibit of the de la Torre Brothers at the Hispanic Cultural Center some time back. Those guys are amazing artists blending new and old, fine art and folk art into a new fine art they call Meso-Americhanics. One of their pieces included the music of the Nortec Collective as part of the piece. Both the Nortec Collective and the de la Torre Brothers seem to be working from a similar artistic place evoking a comparable sensory response. This week’s Twisted Groove starts off with the blend of Latin and electronic music and moves from there.

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Shake It Up – Nortec Collective / Tijuana Sound Machine
Autobahn – Senor Coconut / El Baile Aleman
Shake Your Coconut – Junior Senior / D. D. Don’t Stop the Beat
Salta Lenin El Atlas – Kinky / Atlas
Otra Vez – Los Amiggos Invisibles / Los Amigos Invisibles
Dandy del Sure – Nortec Collective / Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3
Trans Europe Express – Senor Coconut / El Baile Aleman

Electrolatino – Ricardo Villalobos (remix by Senior Coconut) / Salvador
Mexican Drugstore – Panoptica (remixing David J) / Ahora yo a Ti
Casino Soul – Nortec Collective / The Tijuana Sessions Vol 1

Nobukazu Takemura

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Kinky Bisturi – Panoptica / Panoptica (EP collection)
Sign – Nobukazu Takemura / Hoshi No Koe
Don’t Be Light – Air / 10,000 Hz
Turn it On – Ladytron / Light and Magic
Running – Stereo MC’s / Deep down and Dirty

Little Bighorn – Thomas Fehlmann / Honigpumpe
Disk_Dusk – Mouse on Mars / Mium Miggung
300ml (milk) – Rei Harakami / Opa*q

Yungle – The Orb / The Orb Sessions Vol. 1
Don’t Be Light – Air / 10,000 Hz

Dream Pop

This weeks Twisted Groove was sparked by the most recent tour of Dean & Britta (of Luna fame). They have composed music for and are touring with Screen Tests films of Andy Warhol. Someone once called Luna’s music Dream Pop which I think is a fitting description. So this weeks show tries to blend other artist that might fall into the Dream Pop category. Regrettably the second set recording was stopped short by yet another computer glitch. When I can find the time I would like to recreate the second set.

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Disc 1
Slash Your Tires – Luna / Luna Park
Butterfly – Hector Zazou & Katie James / Garside
Deama Vinora – Savath + Savales / Manana
A Chapter In The Life of Mathiew – The Gentle Waves / The Green Fields of Foreverland
Melody Nelson – Serge Gainsbourgh / “Remix”
TSOM – Bertrand / The Sssound of Mmmusic
Péché D’envie – Carla Bruni / Comme Si De Rien N’etait
Sound? – Stereolab / O Scillious From The Anti Sun

Opus 40 – Mercury Rev / Deserter’s Songs
23 Minutes In Brussels – Luna / Penthouse
Tugboat – Galaxie 500 / Today
Pretty Bird – Jenny Lewis / Acid Tongue
A Year Without Light – Arcade Fire / Funeral
Your Baby – Dean & Britta / L’avventura
Painbirds – Sparklehorse / Good Morning Spider

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Bonnie and Clyde – Luna (featuring Laetitia Sadler of Stereolab) / Penthouse
No Difference – Everything But The Girl / Temperatmental
Kovin Lentaen Kotiin Kaipllan – (Gilles Peterson) Kuusumum Profeeta / Broken Folk Funk Latin Soul
You and I – Wilco (with Leslie Feist) / (The Album)

Guadalupe – Combustible Edison / Combustible Edison
St. Equistie’s Confessions – Of Montreal / Skeletal Lamping
Wordless Cocus – My Morning Jacket / My Morning Jacket
Nightly Cares – Mum / Summer Make Good
Freakin’ and Peakin’ – Luna / Penthouse

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