Factory Records Special

The Factory Records box set, “Factory Records: Communications 1978-92” was released January 12, 2009 (having been delayed twice already). It is compiled by Jon Savage including an essay by Paul Morley and artwork by Peter Saville. It is a great overview of the record company’s output but is obviously missing some tracks that die-hard fans might have expected on the compilation. For this week’s Twisted Groove I play many tracks from the first two discs dating between 1978-1984 with one New Order tune from the third disc. A probable future follow up show will complete the history of Factory Records 1983-1992. This will include the Happy Mondays, Electronic, Northside, James and others. I hope you enjoys the Twisted Groove’s spin through some of Britain’s music history.

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Digital – Joy Division / Communications Factory Records 1978-92
Baader Meinhof – Cabaret Voltaire / Communications
All Night Party – A Certain Ratio / Communications
Electricity – OMD / Communications
She Lost Control – Joy Division / Communications
Transmission – Joy Division / Communications
Sketch for Summer – The Durutti Column / Communications
Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division / Communications
Shack Up – A Certain Ratio / Communications

Girls Don’t Count – Section 25 / Communications
Sex Machine – Crawling Chaos / Communications
Flight 6:06 – A Certain Ratio / Communications
Night Shift – The Names / Communications
Ceremony (Original Version) – New Order / Communications
Dolphins Spurt – Minny Pops / Communications
Dirty Disco – Section 25 / Communications

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Everything Gone Green – New Order / Communications
Watching The Hydroplanes – Tunnel Vision / Communications
Messidor – The Durutti Column / Communications
Knife Slits Water (LP Version) – A Certain Ratio / Communications
Art on 45 – Royal Family and The Poor / Communications
Blue Monday – New Order / Communications

Yashar (John Robie Remix) – Cabaret Voltaire / Communications
Love Tempo – Quando Quango / Communications
Talk About the Past – The Wake / Communications

Confusion – New Order / Communications



I felt like mixing it up this week so this weeks Twisted Groove show is quit varied. While I was in San Francisco a while back I bought the then newest Muslimgauze release Armsbazzar. Recordings of his from 1994-1997. His sound is raw and powerful. I then moved to some smoother electronic music like M83, Plaid and DNTEL. Then I get all euro with some French feeling music like Bertrand and Alif Tree. Then I move into some experimental sounds of Nick Forte. Then into some Kriedler, KJ Sawka and then back to Muslimgauze. Ending out the eve with Aphex Twin, Mouse on Mars and Future Sound of London. Quite a varied tour around the electronic music genre.

Zaffaran – Muslimgauze / Armsbazaar
Birds – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Unrecorded – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
America – M83 / Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Silversum – Plaid / Double Figure
(This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan – Dntel / Life Is Full of Possibilities

Escape Pad – Decoder Ring / Fractions
Light 3000 (Smiths – there is a light that never goes out) – Schneider TM / 6 Peace EP
My Soul – Alif Tree / French Cuisine
Ma Rencontie – Bertrand / The Sssssssound of Mmmmmmusic
Ile de Beton – Bertrand / The Sssssssound of Mmmmmmusic
My French Brother – The Thievery Corp (Bobby Hughes Experience) / The Outernational Sound

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Blender Dance – Nick Forte / Pasted Lakes
Sans Soleil – Kreidler / Kreidler
Move On – KJ Sawka / Cyclonic Steel
Hebron Massacre – Muslimgauze / Armsbazaar

Reunion 2 – Aphex Twin / Chosen Lords
Düül – Mouse on Mars / Varcharz

Environments Part 2 (Excerpt) – Future Sound of London / Environments

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Disc 1
Mindphaser – Klaus Schulze / Moondawn
Radioland – Kraftwerk / Radio-Activity

Aumgn – Can / Tago Mago
Nervos – Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank / Begenegnvngen
Helden (Heroes) – David Bowie / Rare

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Disc 2
Rubycon Part Two – Tangerine Dream / Rubycon
Hero – Neu! / 75
99 Luftballons – Nena / 99 Luftballons

No Harm – Faust / So Far
Oh Lord, Give Us More Money – Holger Czukay (Can)/ Movies 77-79

Last Village – Popol Vuh / City Raga 94

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Industrial Noise Click

Throbbing Gristle

When I heard some weeks back that Throbbing Gristle was going to play Coachella and being a lover of their past work I went in search of their newest release Part Two: The Endless Note (2007). After getting into the record I decided to use it as a springboard for this weeks show.

Greasy Spoon – Throbbing Gristle – Part two: The endless Note
A Eg Ao Halda Afram – The Hafler Trio – A Eg Ao Halda Afram EP
Track 2 side 3 – The Wind Harp – Songs from the Hill

Brown Pelican – Merzbow – Merzbird
Deepest Laws – Rome (Thrilljockey) – Rome
Fakeshift – Microstoria (Thrilljockey) – Model 3 Step 2

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animal collective

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Meet the Light Child – The Animal Collective – Spirit They’re Gone
Catchy DAAD – Oval – Systemisch
Track 1 – Snowdonia – Mizmaze
On the Edge of a Grain of Salt – Zoviet France – In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze

Two One – Andrew Duke – More Destructive than Organized

IBM1403 (printer) – Johann Johannson – IBM 1401 User’s Manual (edit)


Various Postrock Ghostly Latin


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Tortoise, Bundy K Brown, Sea and Cake, Dianogah, Jim O’Rourke, Thomas Fehlmann, Thomas Fehlmann, Mouse on Mars, beanfield, Nobukazu Takemura

Matthew Dear

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Matthew Dear, Chap, School of Seven Bells, Milosh, Michna, Tycho, Cepia, Reflecting Skin, Calexico (Nortec Remix), Tre/Molo (Como Madrearia El mix), Dave Pike, Los Amigos Invisibles, Panoptica

Minimal Techno

Robert Hood

This show consists of some of my more favorite minimal techno artist

Robert Hood, John Thomas, DJ Skull, Scorp, Pacou, Phase, UK Gold, Solid Decay, Element 7, Robert Hood, Mion, Scorp, UK Gold, Robert Hood, Richardo Villalobos

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Christian Vogel

Mike Shannon, Jeff Mills, Steve Stoll, Christian Vogel, Kevin Saunderson, Surgeon, James Rushkin, K-Led, Holy Ghost

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Mardi Gras New Orleans and Daptone

Since it was Fat Tuesday this week I decided to do a show with a bunch of New Orleans music. I also got a load of records in the mail from Daptone Records so I played a bunch of their music in the second set. If you haven’t heard Daptone’s stuff you need to.

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Set I
Professor Longhair, Al Johnson, Olympia Brass Band, Dixie Cup, The Meters, Gentleman June Gardner, Harry “Piano”Smith, Alan Toussaint, Danny White, Betty Harris and Lee Dorsey, Robert Parker, Dr. John, The Wild Magnolia, The Meters, Eddie Bo, Cyril Neville, Explosions, Mary June Hooper, Chuck Carbo, Ernie K Doe, Eddie Bo

Related image

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Set II

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band with Dr John, Clifton Chenier, Queen Ida, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, The Poets Of Rhythm, Sugarman 3 and Company, The Mighty Imperials featuring Joseph Henry, Menahan Street Band, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Ebony Rhythm Band, (Ingfried Hoffmann) Memphis Blue, Larry Young’s Fuel, Gary Burton

iQ Mixology 2.27.09

This is a live set I did for Local iQ Magazine’s Mixology. An evening of cocktials and music back in february 2009. Spinifex spinin cocktail party style’…….Groove Jazz New Orleans Soul Funk.

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Various New

I have been playing so much old school recently I decided to do a whole show on new music mostly from the last 6 months or so. The music is varying in styles…

Lemonade, The Emergency, Michna, Muto, Monareta, Lotus, Belleruche, Lone, Howie B vs. Casino Royale, Grampall Jookabox, Deerhunter, DZ and XI

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The Ritz, Kenny Galactic of Walmart, Nudge, Skew, Benoit Pioulard, Grouper, White Rainbow, AU, Radioactive Man, Daedelus, Math Head, Munk, Truckasauras, Studio, Sao Paulo Underground

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A Look Into Rare Funk Goodness

This was a prerequisite Twisted Groove radio set to my Valentines gig at Second Street Brewery. A look into rare funk goodness.

Willie and the Magnificents, Illinois Connection, Perfect Circle, Wylie Trass, Marvin Holmes and the Uptights, The Unforgettables, The Proposition, Betty Davis, Warm Excursion, Tommy Stewart, Dolemite

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Lew Jiggs Kirton, Jacko Peake, Lee fields, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Arthur Young, Sharpshooter, Jimmy Graham, Bobby Byrd, Roy Ayers, George Freeman, Mongo Santamaria, Prince Lasha and Sonny Simmons

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Kraut and Analog Electronic

Because I was unable to create a new show for this week I am uploading a special show from the past. This show was done just after attending and Djing my friend Alex Lancaster’s wedding. Alex and I started the Twisted Groove radio show together sometime in 2000. Without meeting Alex and us brainstorming together the Twisted Groove may never have happened. The first set is built around the early electronic dance music Alex turned me onto in the early days of the Twisted Groove. The second set is built on my love of Kraut or Berlin School electronic, a style of electronic music I have always been attracted to. Originally aired October 4, 2008.

Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Jerry Harrison, Richard A Kirk, Severed Heads, Add N to (X), Neu!, Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra, Throbbing Gristle, Soft Cell

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Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, Electroniom, Silver Apples, Stereo Lab, Can, Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Pink Floyd

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The Funky President Show

The Funky President Show is a groovin show inspired by our new president.  We all hope he can make Change.

Set I

James Brown, Smoggs, Smokey Brooks, The Overlaps, Sign of the Vibration, Ironing Board Sam, Aretha Franklin

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Set II

Stevie Wonder, War, Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa, Sly and the Family Stone, Curtis Mayfield, The Propositions, Appollis, Billy Joe Holloman, Funkadelic

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Meant to air on January 24th but because of confusion at the station aired February 7th 2009

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