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Digital music can get real messy! I was cleaning up folders and files on my hard drive and decided tonight’s Twisted Groove I would use the digital music I was correcting. I randomly went through and corrected underscore etc. and then played them. I play tracks from Jon Hopkins, Gwenno, Fort Romeau, Polly Scattergood, Menace Beats, Ladytron, Kilo, Jose’ Gonzalez and a whole lot more.




Jon Hopkins : Luminous Beings : Singularity

José Gonzalez : Let It Carry You : Vestiges & Claws

Kruse & Nuernberg : Yokohama Nights Feat. Brolin : single

Do Shaska! :Herzliyya : El Tafkeera Re-Mixs In Remembrance Of Muslimgauze


Kilo : Back To You : single

Ladytron : The Animals (Vince Clarke Remix) : single

Lemonade : Watercolor Visions : Minus Tide

Leatherette : Silhouette : Last Night On The Planet

Mark E : Molyneaux : Avion EP

Menace Beats : Art Of War : Menace Beats Tape Vol 1


Polly Scattergood : Silver Lining : Arrow!

Aquaserge : L’ire est au rendez-vous : Déjá Vous? Live

Bill King : Star Planet : single

Fort Romeau : All I Want : Inside

Gurumiran : Dreamer : Aberrance


Gwenno : Calon Peiriant : Y Dydd Olaf

Is Tropical : Cruise Control : Black Anything Pt 2

JTC : Surging On Chapinero Edge : Indigo, Flesh and Fire

Kiki : Supermoon Revisited : single

Guyana Son : Listen Different feat. Tshaka Campbell : single

VDay Variety Part Two

This weeks Twisted Groove has a lot of variety. Being Valentine week I start out with some love then quickly move into much of the new music I have recently acquired. So what transpires is a mixture of music that spans from Electronic to Indie to Ethnic to New Orleans. I hope you enjoy…

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Ace – The Big Sleep / Natures Experiments

Die Little Love (Menthol 100’s Version) – Xray Eyeballs / Splendor Squalor

Dour Percentage – Of Montreal / Paralytic Stalks

Fold Up Chair – Doozer / Keep It Togther

For Sake – Aeroc / R+B+?

Headcage – Mathew Dear / Headcage


Lineage – Shigeto / Lineage

Mr Broken Bird Dud – La Big Vic / Dub the World: Actually Revisited

The Night – School Of Seven Bells / Ghostory

Ode To Then – Liam The Younger / After the Graveyard

Patricia’s Thirst – Choir Of Young Believers / Rhine Gold

Raw Gore – Mux Mool / Planet High School

When I was Young – Nada Surf / The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy


Angola Anthem (Edit) – Dr John / Remedies

Electro And Other Fun Stuff Part One

This weeks show was so superfun to do. Non stop dancin FUN…

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Welcome To The Skin-Up Remix – The Dandy Warhols / Earth To The Remix EP Vol 1
Where Did Our Love Go – Soft Cell / Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing EP
Livin’ For The City – The Dirtbombs / Ultraglide In Black
Bye Bye Bayou – LCD Soundsystem / 12″ EP
The Sun Is Down! – Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band / Between My Head And The Sky


Groove Is In The Heart – Deee-Lite / Sampladelic Relics And Dancefloor Oddities
Dare – Gorillaz / The DFA Remixes
Shake Your Rump – Beastie Boys / Paul’s Bouitique
Where Is My Mind – Pixies / Surfer Rosa
Flavor Part 1 – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Experimental Remixes EP

Electro And Other Fun Stuff Part Two

………..superfun dancin FUN………..

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Soundtrack Of Now – Miss Kittin / Exhale
Beat Connection – LCD Soundsystem / DFA Comp 2
Rapper’s Delight – Grandmaster Flash / The Sugar Hill Gang VS Grandmaster Flash
Spacefunk 12″ Remix – Headrillaz / Spacefunk EP
Talking Hotel Arbat Blues – Handsome Furs / Face Control
Relax 7″ Version – Frankie Goes To Hollywood / Relax EP
Flicking Your Switch – Ladytron / Light and Magic

Just Give – Dynamax 2 / Part A The Kings Of Electro
Stock Exchange – Miss Kitten and The Hacker / First Album
Diamonds Fur Coat Champagne – Suicide / The Second Album
(Go Bang) – Dinosaur L / 24 > 24 Music

Gallery Piece – Of Montreal / Skeletal Lamping

Redcell Again Part 1

Redcell was my special guest this week on the Twisted Groove. It’s always a pleasure to have him. He brought along a bunch of new some old and some very quirky music. Give a listen I’m sure you’ll like it…

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BABYSLAVE – We Hate You Little Girls Aloud
Survive-All Fall-Out Shelters Commercial
Marnie Stern – For Ash
Women – Narrow With The Hall
Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
KaS Product – Never Come Back
White Ring – Suffocation
Gobble Bobble – Cat Eggs
So, So Many White Tigers – We Shoot Arrows

Matthew Dear – I Can’t Feel
Fever Ray – Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Terminal Twilight – The Fire of Love (Jody Reynolds Cover – 1958)
The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS) – Right On
Modern Witch – Size Me
Pallers – The Kiss

Redcell Again Part 2

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Suuns – Disappearance Of The Skyscraper
Coolrunnings – Trippin’ Balls at Der Wienerschnitzel
Beck (Beck’s Record Club) – The Devil Inside (INXS Cover)
Tweak Bird – Tunneling Through
Lemon Dots – Sunrise Surprise
Aids Wolf – Teaching to Suffer
TEETH – Time Changes
Tennis – Marathon
Laurie Anderson – Only An Expert (Live)

The Books – The Story of Hip-Hop
TEETH – See Spaces
M.I.A. – Lovalot
Pillars and Tongues – Veil of

Beck (Beck’s Record Club) – Tiny Daggers (INXS Cover)

Electro Angus Part One

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Drunk Girl – LCD Soundsystem / This Is Happening
Give’er – Peaches / Impeach My Bush
Don’t Be Light (Hacker Remix) – Air / Everybody Hertz
Spacefunk (Dub Mix) – Headrillaz / Spacefunk EP
Sweet Dreams – Miss Kitten and the Hacker / This Is Not The 80’s
Yeah (crass)/Beat Connection – The DFA, Tim Goldsworthy / DFA Comp Vol 2

Decaptacon – Le Tigre / DFA Remixes Chapter 1
Und Wer Wird Sich Um Mich Kummern? – Stereo Total / Monokini
Fabulous Muscles (Kid 606) – XIU XIU / Remix Cover
The Monster Mish – The Dandy Warhols / Earth To The Remix
Happy House (Prime Language Dub Mix) – The Juan Maclean / Happy House EP

Electro Angus Part Two

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Ghost, Pt. 1 – Anthony Rother & Sven Vath / This Is Not The 80’s
Mars, Arizona (DFA Remix) – Blues Explosion / The DFA Remixes
Dare – Gorillaz / The DFA Remixes

Meet Sue Be She – Miss Kittin / I Com
Ask The Elephant – Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band / Between My Head And The Sky
Why Theory – Gang Of Four / Solid Gold
Tainted Love 91 – Soft Cell / Memorabilia
JGNXTC – !!! / Outhud

Fabriclive 36
Adventures in Brickett Wood [Layne’s Head Stash Re-Roll] – James Murphy
Butter Up (Gimme Some Bread) – James Murphy, Sargeant, Scipio
You Got Me Running – James Murphy, Drayton, Clay

Electronic Part One

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Pump – Ellen Allien / Pump
Unflug – Ricardo Villalobos / Salvador
Immolate Yourself (Ben Klock”s Jack Remix) – Telefon Tel Aviv / Immolate Yourself
Love Rehab – Chaim / Love Rehab

Zusammen (Original) – Dance Disorder / Zusammen
Element 9 – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
Who Taught You Math – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
X-Factor – Robert Hood, Pacou / Fabric 39
Strobe Light – Robert Hood / Fabric 39
Taboo – Robert Hood, Marco Lenzi / Fabric 39
Fever [Rephrased] – Robert Hood, Joris Voorn / Fabric 39
Bust the Vibes [Real Disco Mix] – Fab G, Robert Hood / Fabric 39

Electronic Part 2

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XLR8R 134 – Deadboy / XLR8R 134 Deadboy Mix
Down On Me – Wookie
Detroitus – Donga & Blake
Shattered – Groove Chronicles
Need You – C.R.S.T
She Wore Velour – Velour
Blacksnake – Hackman
Lost (Bakongo Remix) – Soule:Power
I Know” (Well Rounded) – Skinnz
Call On Me (Deadboy Remix) – Andy Bell
I Can’t Stop – xxxy

Shift Work Mix – Solvent / Ghostly Cast #34
Attack Warning Red [excerpt] – Civil Defence Program
Entry РNovember N̦velet
Open & Shut – Martial Canterel
Blank Clocks – The Future
Riot Squad – Vice Versa
Step in Time – Psychic Youth
Rabies – Naked Lunch
Speed – Daily Fauli
U. Klaxon – Beau Wanzer
The Tale of Bernie Woodstein – Legowelt
Attack Warning Red [transition] – Civil Defence Program

Dreaming Longer – Kristin Milner / Library Catalog Music

Redcell II Part 1

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Xiu Xiu – Mousey Toy by Larsen
Ready Record Intro
These New Puritans – Attack Music
Free The Robots – Wandering Gypsy
Growing – Massive Dropout
Balkan Beat Box – Look Them Act
Anna Oxygen – Fake Pajamas
Guido Moebius – Being Nice
Coco Rosie – Fairy Paradise

Little Marcy – I Love Little Pussy
No Bra – Munchausen
Kap Bambino – Red Sign
Skinny Puppy – Hardset Head
Transvolta – Disco Computer
Yeasayer – The Children
James Pants – The Eyes of the Lord

Redcell II Part 2

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Katerine – Borderline
Gorillaz w/Lou Reed – Some Kind of Nature
Broken Bells – The Ghost Inside
LCD Soundsystem – One Touch
Patrick D. Martin – I Like “lectric Motors
Soldout – Mysteries
Current 93 – Invocation of Almost

¾HadBeenEliminated – Loop Recorder in the Patient With Heart Disease
Robert Curgenven – Acciaccatura Amplificata
Actress – I Can’t Forgive You
6’39” über Halberstadt – Gerald Fiebig

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