Transgalactic Electro-cellist Michael Kott Part 1

Michael Kott and I have been discussing him being on the Twisted Groove for a long time now. He is often times out of the state or out of the country touring and it’s hard for him to commit to a show. The other week I got a call from Michael wanting to do the show. So we put all previous plans for this weeks show on hold and got Michael into the studio for some live treated cello and we also preview music from his forthcoming album and some tracks from a recent live performance. Get ready for some Transgalactic Electro Groove….

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I don’t usually do holiday themed Twisted Groove shows but with some prompts from some friends I decided to do a Halloween Special. It was fun to create and varied musically. The show contains everything from horror movie soundtrack music to Black Sabbath. Super fun show…


Funeral March Of A Marionette – Charles Gounod / The Classic Mystery
Tubular Bells (Part 1) – Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells


Rosemary’s Baby Intro (Edit) – Krzysztof Komeda/ Rosemary’s Baby Soundtrack
Valse Sentimentale – Clara Rockmore (Tchaikovsky) / The Art Of The Theremin
Falling – Julee Cruise / Floating Into The Night
Theme (Mix 1) Halloween – The City of Prague Philharmonic / The Essential John Carpenter Film Music Collection
Suicide Underground – Air / The Virgin Suicides
Twisted Nerve – The City Of Prague Philharmonic / Bernard Herrmann: The Essential Music
The Last King of Thule (Part 2) – Richard Pinhas / Iceland
Indian Summer Excerpt – Tangerine Dream / Green Desert


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Psycho Suite – Elmer Bernstein / Bernard Herrmann Film Scores From Citizen Kane To Taxi Driver
Careful With That Axe Eugene – Pink Floyd / Ummagumma
Lovely Creature – Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Murder Ballads
Sick Things – Alice Cooper / Billion Dollar Babies
Electric Funeral – Black Sabbath / Paranoid

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Dead Joe – The Birthday Party / Hits
Heathen Earth – Throbbing Gristle / Heathen Earth
Scary Monsters & Super Creeps – David Bowie / Scary Monsters
Genesis – Tangerine Dream / Electronic Meditation
Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) – David Bowie / Cat People Soundtrack

Rosace 3 – Francois Boyle / Vibrations Composers

Mars to Eno

Mars Volta

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Abrasions Mount The Timpani – Mars Volta / Scab Dates
Halleluhjah – Can / Tago Mago
Please Heat This Eventually Parts IV, V & VI – Omar Rodrigues Lopez with Damo Suzuki / Please Heat This Eventually EP

Fuse/The Five Steps – DJ Spooky (William S. Burroughs) / Rhythm Science
Ulda – OOIOO / Armonico Hewa
Exposure (third addition) – Robert Fripp / Exposure
Games Without Frontiers (German version) – Peter Gabriel / Third (German version)
Mindweaver – Yoko Ono / Season of Glass
Even When You’re Far Away – Yoko Ono / Season of Glass


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Down Through The Night – Hawkwind / Space Ritual
It Was A Pleasure Then – Nico / Chelsea Girl
Machine Gun – Slow Dive / Soulaki
War In Peace – Alexander (Skip) Spence / Oar
Diana – Alejandro Escovedo / More Oar (Tribute to Skip Spence)
Shine A Light – Spiritualized / Lollipop Fest Stockholm 07-26-97

Oh Lord, Give Us More Money – Holger Czukay / Movies
20th Century Dreaming – David Silvian & Robert Fripp / Massy Hall, Toronto 11-1-93

Ba-Benzele – John Hassell & Brian Eno / Fourth World Volume I


Disc 1
Mindphaser – Klaus Schulze / Moondawn
Radioland – Kraftwerk / Radio-Activity

Aumgn – Can / Tago Mago
Nervös – Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank / Begenegnvngen
Helden (Heroes) – David Bowie / Rare

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Disc 2
Rubycon Part Two – Tangerine Dream / Rubycon
Hero – Neu! / 75
99 Luftballons – Nena / 99 Luftballons

No Harm – Faust / So Far
Oh Lord, Give Us More Money – Holger Czukay (Can)/ Movies 77-79

Last Village – Popol Vuh / City Raga 94

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